The Association currently has six standing committees. There was originally four committees, the Public Relations, Publication & Education, Finance & Fundraising, and Membership. The fifth, Gloria Baker Memorial Bursary was added in 1998. The sixth committee, Technology, was instituted in 2011 to oversee the construction of the Associations web site.

All committees collaborate where necessary to ensure that the duties and functions of the Association are conducted professionally and efficiently.

Committee Heads
Public Relations Miss Dionne Barnett Chairman
  Co Chair
Membership Mrs. Cheryl Cousins-Reid Chairman
  Co Chair
Finance and Fund Raising Mr. Cecil Graham Chairman
Miss Kelonie Noble Co Chair
Publications and Education Miss Opal Scott Chairman
Miss Kereen Burton Co Chair
Gloria Baker Memorial Bursary Miss Carol Plummer Chairman
  Co Chair
Technology Miss Venecia Robertson Chairman
  Co Chair