The Association of Librarians in the Jamaica Library Service (ALJAS) was formed in 1975 by a group of forward thinking¬Ě Librarians who sought to provide an avenue through which matters relating to the particular concerns of the group could be most suitably addressed. Through years of sustained effort ALJALS was able to secure improved working conditions, and conditions of service to develop and secure the professional and economic interest of its members. This initiative came out of recognition also that any advancement made by this professional /Managerial group would also lead to improved conditions for other category of workers thus contributing to the overall development of the service. One of the main objectives of the association therefore was to maintain and foster the highest standards of the Jamaica Library Service and the profession of Librarianship.

In addition to being a professional association, ALJALS became registered as a trade union on November 8, 1994. The signal achievement of the association however, was the very critical role which it played in discussions leading to the restructuring of the Jamaica Library Service. This has had far reaching effects on the development of the organization.


Some of the activities which the Association has successfully implemented over the years include:

  • Organizing continuing education programmes for members
  • Planning fund raising activities
  • Writing and presenting papers at conference, workshops and seminars
  • Produces/publishes newsletters,reports,occasional papers
  • Participates in professional conferences, workshop, seminars
  • Host an annual awards banquet/luncheon
  • Provides bursaries to students of Library and Information studies tenable at UWI.The bursary is named in honour of the late member Mrs. Gloria Baker
  • Engage in an Outreach Programme that facilitates the Schools of Hope across Jamaica

Meeting Dates
Regular meetings are held throughout the year in various parishes on the last Friday of February, September, and November. The Annual General Meeting is held on the last Friday of June.

Executive & Special Meetings
Executive meetings are usually held two weeks before the regular and annual general meetings. There are no set dates for special meetings.